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 Test of Maestro

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MensajeTema: Test of Maestro   Miér Mar 05, 2008 11:31 pm

1. Visita a Lockrin en Iron Gate’s Lockrin en la ciudad de los enanos.
El te pide que le consigas 3 recomendacionees de los otros ancianos del "Elder Council".
Habla con Balanki del Silver Scale y empieza la primera mision para conseguir su recomendacion.
El te pide que encuentres a Chief Croto, el orco que se encuentra en la ciudad de los enanos. Esta cerca de la tienda de armas y armaduras.

2. Chief Croto te pide que visites a Cave of Trails y busques más informacion sobre Kamaru y te da el item ‘Paint of Kamaru’

Head towards Orc Village and get into the Cave Of Trails. You can find Kamaru very easily.

4. When you get there there is nothing else then Corps Of Kamaru. Apparently he got killed. Talk to him anyway and he will tell you about the Evil-eyed Lord.

Now comes the tricky part. To find the Evil-eyed Lord, you need to walk through the wall which is also marked on the map. Walk through the walk and follow the road until you encounter the quest monster Evil Eyed Lord. Kill it and you will receive the quest item ‘Necklace of Kamaru’

5. Return to Chief Croto in Dwarven Village to return the necklace. He will reward you with the quest item ‘Letter of Soldier Detachment’.

6. Go to Iron Gate’s Balanki to receive the first recommendation.

7. To get your second recommendation talk to Gray Pilar Member Filaur, also in the Elder Council. He will ask you to meet Loraine which is at the base of Cruma Tower. To help you with that you receive the quest item ‘Architecture of Cruma’

8. Find Researcher Lorian, she is right next to the ramp at the bottom of Cruma Tower (at the gatekeeper spot). She will ask you to get an antidote to cure her colleague’s.

9. All the monsters needed to make the antidote are found in the Cruma Marshlands. Luckily for you the quest item droprate is very nice and you will get one almost every time you kill a needed monster.

Go and hunt Stinger Wasp, Marsh Spider and Gaint Leech. You need 10 quest items of all the monsters. If you are done, return to Researcher Lorian to finish and get your next quest item needed.

10. Return back to Gray Pilar Member Filaur in Dwarven Village. He will give you your second recommendation.

11. Now talk to Black Anvil’s Arin. He will ask you to find Master Toma and ask about the Teleport Device. Because you already needed Master Toma in many previous Dwarven quests I don’t gonna add another map with 3 spots where Master Toma can appear.

The three possible locations are; Inside Abandoned Coal Mines, just outside Mithrill Mines, or on the small island above the Northern Coast.

12. Find Master Toma and talk to him. And tell him you will help him. Now you have the option to press the button, or not. Choice ‘Press the button’.

13. Now, you’re being teleported to another location. As soon as you will land you will be attacked by 3x King Bugbear, which on this level will be light blue, and easy to kill. You’ll also receive the quest item ‘Broken Teleport Device’.

Kill the monsters and return to Master Toma.

14. If you found Master Toma again, talk to him. You will receive 5 Teleport Devices.

15. Now head back to Black Anvil’s Arin to receive your third recommendation.

16. Now you have all the three recommendations needed. Talk to Iron Gate’s Lockrin to receive your Mark Of Maestro, and 15449 experience and 37500 SP.

If you’re level 40 already visit any Head Blacksmith to finish your Second Class Change and become a Warsmith.
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Test of Maestro
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